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Encouraging an awareness of the Japanese-American culture and heritage



Suzume no Gakko

Suzume no Gakko is a 3-week summer program where students learn and experience Japanese-American culture. We encourage the students to appreciate their Japanese heritage and take pride in their unique cultural background.

Founded in 1977 we are a non-profit, parent-participation program for children grades 1 through 6. Parents participate in every aspect of the program and are encouraged to share their talents and special skills with the children.

We value the importance of family and invite you to learn something new through the eyes of your child.    Come join us for an exciting and memorable summer session!

Let your child discover the benefits of Suzume no Gakko

Fully credentialed teachers provide an enrichment program utilizing a wealth of community resources and individuals who share their time, talents and special skills. Your child will explore his/her culture and heritage through a wide range of activities:

  • Dynamic lessons in language, crafts and music
  • Special interactive guest assemblies showcasing individuals and groups who have a significant impact in the Japanese-American community
  • Fun field trips within the community to local businesses, groups, and public landmarks
  • An opportunity to make new friends
  • Enrollment is through a lottery process in February. 

Suzume no Gakko is a parent participation summer school program run by a non-profit corporation (incorporated in 1979). Parents participate in every aspect of the daily program. The very existence of Suzume no Gakko is dependent on the willing contribution of time and talents by you, the parent members. You have made Suzume no Gakko the viable, exciting school that it is today. Suzume no Gakko is you.

Suzume no Gakko
P.O. Box 5756
San Jose, CA 95150-5756
Direct inquiries about Suzume no Gakko to: info@suzumenogakko.org